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Mastering Business Agility through training means learning how to deal with hypotheses, uncertainty, value, options, feedback, flow, and more.

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César Idrovo

Founder and CEO
MBA 3.0

Rik Dryfoos

Principal Consultant
MBA 3.0

Olga Kipnis

MBA 3.0

Eric Rapin

Founder and CEO
Lucid Agile

Rob Myers

Founder and CEO
Agile Institute

Michael Thomas

MBA 3.0

Hoz Rushdi

SAFe Coach & Trainer
Howza Inc.

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Featured Course

Test Driven Agility

Our three-part approach to continuous improvement mirrors the "Red-Green-Refactor" cadence of Test Driven Development (TDD.) Test Driven Agility helps teams learn to solve problems and improve business outcomes by...

  • assessing team fitness
  • aligning objectives
  • leadership coaching

...and refining it all through practice.

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Transactional Competence™

Value Rate Optimization

Test Driven Agility



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Stakeholder-Product Alignment

Scaled Agile Framework

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