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MBA 3.0

Principal Consultant,


SAFe Practice
Consultant, Trainer

GE Lean Six Sigma

Master Black Belt

Scrum Alliance

Certified Scrum Professional®

Kanban University

Kanban Management Professional

University of Vermont

BA Mathematical Economics
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Rik Dryfoos

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From ice cream to jet engines, Rik’s career is defined by his mission to help teams build better products, faster.

Rik has a passion for teaching and a talent for making complex concepts easy to apply in real-world situations. He has delivered Agile training courses to individuals and teams of all levels, and his engaging and interactive teaching style earns him high praise from participants.

Rik's career has focused on teams that build software within a larger organization based in manufacturing. He has implemented numerous continuous improvement systems from his early days at Ben & Jerry's teaching Total Quality Management to agile frameworks including Scrum, XP, Kanban or SAFe and Lean Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

After years hands-on as a software developer and then as a manager, Rik learned agility by living it. Rapid customer feedback cycles and test automation were key to his team's success. In 2010 Rik took a Product Owner role with at  GE Healthcare IT in Vermont. That team was responsible for an enterprise Radiology Information System and they were embarking upon an engineering-led agile transformation. They wanted one Product Owner (on a team of eight) who had experience with agile engineering. That transformation went well and after two and a half years there Rik was asked to relocate to the Bay Area to help stand up the business that became known as GE Digital. Six years into that assignment, Rik moved back east to work on-campus at GE's renowned Crotonville Leadership Development Center where he taught leaders from all over the globe what it meant to become a digital industrial business.
Achieve your goals

Coaching. Training. Consulting.

Most of my career has been focused on software products in manufacturing environments. I help teams use lean and agile techniques to continuously improve and to build better software, faster.

Training programs

I provide a variety of training programs that help you reach your professional and organizational goals. 

Flexible schedule

Got sites on both US coasts? In Europe? In Latin America? Let's talk about my flexible scheduling approach to help bring everyone together.

Customizable experience

At the end of the day, Agile is not the point. I'm interested in customizing our engagement to your aims!

You are in Good Care...

Rik is a clear-thinker, a methodical problem solver, and provided me with the insight and support to help lead change in a digital world. He creatively built some truly outstanding ways of simplifying complexity for senior leaders. He is a multi-talented person who I would not hesitate to recommend or work with again.

Michael Leckie
Author of The Heart of Digital Transformation
Founding Partner - Silverback Partners, LLC

Working with Rik was one of the highlights of my time at GE. He’s helpful, cheerful, fun and extremely clever. A great problem solver, and especially good at working with people, and helping them work together. I’d happily work with Rik again, and I recommend him without reservation.

Clark Ching
Author of Rolling Rocks Downhill, CorkScrew Solutions & The Bottleneck Rules
Chief Revenue Officer - Odd Socks Consulting

If you want an enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable engineering leader, you would be hard pressed to find someone better than Rik. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Agile, Scrum and the principles of Lean Software Development. Rik has an excellent ability to quickly learn and adopt new ideas and concepts. 

Michael Hammond
Sr. Manager, Cloud Professional Services
GE Healthcare

As the developer of our bespoke training called "Agile Ways of Working" Rik helped me to convey in two days, three critical blocks: Design Thinking, Lean Product Management and Scrum. He coached me to think through my skills as a trainer and helped to develop not only the class, but a strategy to maximize the value of the training.

Stan M.
Trainer and Supply Chain Leader
Company Withheld

Rik is an expert in agile and product management strategy. He was able to perform a thorough and thoughtful assessment of our teams capabilities. His recommendations were thoughtful, organized, and honest. I also appreciated that his expertise and recommendations spanned beyond technology into operating mechanisms, org structure/culture, and vendor management. I'd love to have the opportunity to work with Rik again. 

Justin Baigert
VP - Data & Analytics, Strategy & Governance
The General Electric Company

I joined GE in order to work with Rik because I knew him to be extremely talented and highly motivated. I got to work with him almost daily and was everything I had hoped for. Rik is highly organized, thinks strategically and he also gets down to tactically executing on a vision. His understanding of Agile is deep and broad and is only surpassed by his desire to deliver real value to his customers. Rik is able to convey complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, both in written and oral fashion. 

Thomas Looy
Agile Leader - GE Digital