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Current Positions and Credentials:

MBA 3.0



CEO Advisor

Profit Streams™



Accredited Kanban Trainer


SAFe 6.0 Practice
Consultant (SPC)

Influential U

Influential U Consultant (IUC)

Influential U

Fundamentals of Transaction

Influential U

Mechanics and Practice

Influential U

Planning, Strategy, Tactics, and Implementation


Agile Team Facilitation
Certified Professional


Agile Coaching
Certified Professional


Agile Coaching
Certified Expert
Expected Jun 24

London Business School

Masters in Finance

Imperial College London

BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
MSc. Control Systems Engineering

University College London

Studied Economics, but no BSc.
Joined JPMorgan in final year instead!

Past Positions:

JPMorgan Chase

Vice President

Barclays Global Investors
(now Blackrock)


Tacit Knowledge (now Grid Dynamics)


Agile Alliance

Board Member

Agile Leadership Network

Board Member

Incept 5

Finance, Business Dev. Director


Principal Consultant

Influential U

Faculty Member

Lab Zero Innovations, Inc.

Head of Business Agility, Training and Leadership Development
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César Idrovo

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César helps leaders to Master Business Agility and activate the economic advantage of this approach.

He is a Business Agility Leader with 20+ years of experience in designing and implementing agile operating models. He works as an enterprise coach, consultant and trainer, specializing in maximizing the business value a company delivers. He brings a depth of knowledge in Finance and technical delivery & operations. He supports leaders and teams in applying practices and mindsets that create maximum business value. 

César started his career on the “business technologist” fast-track within large banks, leading the adoption of fit-for-purpose agile methods across business and technology for maximum economic advantage. Now as a consultant, he leads initiatives to drive practical business agility within organizations across many industries, coaching and training senior leaders and executives.

He focuses on working with leaders across the organization to identify and realize the impact of business agility in their context. For example, working with the global head of product at a large industrial manufacturing client, he introduced business agility to their legal and contracts department to double revenue within the calendar year.

César is the Founder and CEO of MBA 3.0, CEO Advisor at a (Stealth) Startup, an Influential U Consultant, an Accredited Kanban Trainer by Kanban University, a SAFe® 6.0 Practice Consultant, a Certified Profit Streams™ Trainer, and the current Chair of Bay Area Agile Coaching Circles and of Bay Area Enterprise Kanban.

He received a Bachelors in Electric and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London in 1993 and stayed on to get a Masters in Control Systems Engineering. He went on to University College London for another Bachelor degree, this time in Economics, but joined JPMorgan three years later without completing his final year! In 2001 he redeemed himself by completing a Masters in Finance from London Business School, sponsored by JPMorgan.
Achieve your goals

Coaching. Training. Consulting.

I've been a change agent since my first job at JPMorgan in 1996, and an Agile consultant, trainer and coach since 2009.

Training programs

I provide a variety of training programs that help you reach your professional and organizational goals. 

Flexible schedule

Got sites on both US coasts? In Europe? In Latin America? Let's talk about my flexible scheduling approach to help bring everyone together.

Customizable experience

At the end of the day, Agile is not the point. I'm interested in customizing our engagement to your aims!

You are in Good Care...

I recently had the good fortune to attend César Idrovo's Team Kanban Practitioner Workshop. It was eye-opening. I thought I understood Kanban but I learned so much more, especially during the simulation. The day flew by because it was so engaging. I couldn't recommend this workshop enough if you are trying to understand Kanban.

Eric Rapin
CEO & Founder, Lucid Agile, Inc.

Class was well presented by an excellent, deeply qualified, and easily relatable instructor, Cesar Idrovo, utilized a unique interactive learning environment that really brought home the concepts, and included a truly instructive simulation that revealed deep principles of Kanban. I recommend this class with Cesar to anyone wishing to become familiar with or expand their knowledge of Kanban.

Kris Wiesenfeld
Founder, Tiered Agile LLC

I have been most fortunate to have received SAFe training and mentorship from César. If you are a leader wanting to realize lasting and sustainable business outcomes through the tenets of SAFe and Lean-Agile practices, I highly recommend this course led by César.

Damon Afualo
Principal Product Manager, Sling TV

I worked very closely with César as a client on a big, challenging SAFe transformation. It was a great experience, not just learning the “what” but also the “why” and making the needed tweaks as we learned. I would highly recommend learning SAFe from César.

Jeff Whaley
Fellow, Engineering Program Management
Western Digital Corporation

There are very few people I would trust with SAFe, but César has been doing *truly* measurable and meaningful transformation in orgs long before the RUP boys packaged up a bunch of useful practices and drew a “big picture”. And not just stories. I’ve seen it up close in many orgs what he can do.

Joshua Arnold
Apex Group Ltd.

Thank you, César Idrovo, for the excellent Team Kanban Practitioner course! I went in wanting a refresher/update (having read the "blue book" eons ago), but I learned a lot more!

This instructor-led remote course was very well-designed, interactive, fun, and insightful. César covered most of the learning objectives through a great simulation.

After each "sim day" we were encouraged to discuss, and consider ways to improve our way of delivering. One thing that this activity made repeatedly and painfully apparent (whether it was exposed through simulation design, happenstance, or because this is one of my professional "pet peeves") was that assigning work to individuals is terribly inefficient.

Rob Myers
Founder, Principal Instructor & Coach, Agile Institute

...And in Good Company!

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