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Test Driven Agility

You know how hard it is to hire your way to success, when the people are available, the budget is not! A more pragmatic way to deal with business constraints is to help your current teams improve.
Sometimes, leading knowledge workers can feel like impediment whack-a-mole. You need a consistent, scalable, and repeatable way to build the muscles of real continuous improvement.
Test Driven Agility is a three-part approach to continuous improvement that mirrors the "Red-Green-Refactor" cadence of TDD. Test Driven Agility helps teams learn to solve problems and improve business outcomes by...
  • assessing team fitness
  • aligning  objectives
  • leadership coaching

...and refining it all through practice.

What could this mean in your context?
This might be a good time for an example.

Team productivity is at risk!

Let's meet Claire and check out her plan to help her teams practice their craft, learn and adapt as they grow and make their organization a happier, more productive place to be.

Claire's scenario:

A new acquisition...

Claire is the CTO of a fast-paced software development company. She had put in a lot of work to build her team and things were humming along. 
Now her company has acquired a new business. This means merging with a new team of uncertain fitness and potentially starting all over again.
The assessment helps to show how the team works and identify areas for improvement.

Assessing team fitness

As she takes responsibility for her expanded team, Claire quickly realizes that she needs to assess how the team is operating before she can lead effectively.
The assessment brings visibility to how the team works and helps the team identify the most promising areas to target for improvement.

Aligning objectives

Analyzing the data

Claire knows that she needs to be mindful. Creating Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) that do not align teams with business goals could lead to poor results and disillusionment.
Together with her team, they propose objectives that align with the needs of the business, and the company's North Star.

Objectives & Key Results?

Unlock performance

Team members design improvements by hypothesizing key results that will be leading indicators to help them track to their objectives.
They treat decisions as hypotheses, and they will pivot without mercy or guilt if they don’t work out.

Leadership coaching

Claire models the behavior that she expects her team to develop with Leader Standard Work. She schedules regular one-on-one meetings with her direct reports.

Investing in people

These meetings are Claire's opportunity to approach the leadership and management of knowledge work in a more scientific and repeatable way.
Sessions are structured with half of the time for raising concerns, removing impediments and leadership development. The other half is used to review metrics and to practice the Toyota Kata to improve problem-solving skills.

Leader Standard Work?

Positive outcomes!

Claire knows that leveraging the potential of the whole team and investing in problem solving skills is the way to lasting success, and that a room full of brains will consistently outperform one big one – even hers.

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