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MBA 3.0


Washington University School of Medicine

Assistant Dean for Organizational Excellence

Influential U

Business License

Training Institute

Certified Professional
Co-Active Coach (CPCC)


International Coaching Federation Professional Coaches - Member

Influential U

Influential U Consultant (IUC)

Influential U

Fundamentals of Transaction

Influential U

Mechanics and Practice

Influential U

Planning, Strategy, Tactics, and Implementation

Six Sigma Global Institute

Assistant Dean for Organizational Excellence


Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner

Dare to Lead

Dare to Lead™


B.Sc., Mathematics and Computer Science

University of Virginia

Master of Science, Management of Information Technology

University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Management Essentials for Developing Leaders
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Olga Kipnis

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My aspiration is that every person lives a fulfilling life - their best life every day.

I am a blend of various skills and experiences - but all in service of my values. You may be surprised to see these skills in one person. I will offer an insight.

I have B. Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science and Master of Science in Management of Information Technology. I have software development, project management, process improvement, and change management certifications, skills, and experience. In addition to my technical side, I have practiced alternative medicine and completed my life and professional coaching training with Co-Active Training Institute. All of these elements have served me well throughout different phases of my adult life to helping people experience their best life every day.

As a professional and life coach, I see you as a human being first. You are one mind, body, and energy for everything in your life - personal and professional. Joyfulness and happiness, concerns and upset from one aspect of life may carry into how you are present in another. You are also inseparable from your physical and social environment. Your mood may impact those around you. You get things done by working with people. You use various systems and follow processes. Your ability to engage others, your specialized knowledge and skills, and the conditions of systems and processes supporting your work - all these elements impact your performance.

What kind of life would be available to you if you paused to design the life you want and took actions to achieve that? How much of that would be communicating with others in your life - professional and personal settings?

I teach the courses listed below and offer coaching to help individuals live the life they want. Let’s connect to see how I might support you meeting your personal and business goals.
Design Your Best Life

Coaching. Training. Consulting.


Professional Coaching

I offer coaching to help individuals live the life they want. Let’s connect to see how I might support you meeting your personal and business goals.

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You are in Good Care...

Olga is an amazing coach. She takes a genuine interest in a client's general and specific aims and keeps the focus on finding a path to achieve them. Her natural joyful and earnest demeanor makes it very easy and pleasant to talk to her about anything. Olga has many effective methods and tools that can help you, and she is really good at switching things up to find the most fitting tool to help a client in a particular situation. Working with Olga has been an absolute pleasure which also resulted in several life-changing new habits that enriched my personal and work life. I would highly recommend Olga to anyone who is looking for a coach in their journey to achieving their goals.

Jessie Cooper
Business Director, McDonnell Genome Institute, Washington University in St. Louis

Transformation can be terrifying. Olga created a safe space for me to intimately explore the fears & self-limiting beliefs keeping me from understanding my unique self. In a handful of sessions, she helped me uncover deeply rooted (and quite uncomfortable) feelings & thoughts. This opened my mind & heart to see where I wanted my next steps in life to be personally, and professionally. Her ability to connect and counsel through this intense experience is remarkable. She is truly gifted in the arena of growth & development and I am ever thankful for her time, care, and talent!

Olivia Johns
Project/Program Coordinator, Pediatric Central Administration, Washington University in St. Louis

Olga Kipnis offers a very powerful coaching experience. She is masterful in her ability to create a safe and sacred space for her clients to be fully supported in their process. She has a powerful intuition that guides her words and insights, making the coaching experience even more profound and personal. I would strongly recommend that you consider working with Olga if you are looking for a partner in your own transformation.

Nea Clare
Owner, Yesward Coaching, LLC

Working with Olga has been helpful and enjoyable. She's provided a different perspective to viewing situations. She's been thoughtful in her recommendations and very supportive. I've greatly enjoyed my experience working with her.

Dan Kinzel
Executive Director of Business Affairs, Department of Radiation Oncology, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

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