Leading SAFe®

(SAFe Agilist certification)

Whether you are evaluating if SAFe is a good fit for your organization, or you want to give your SAFe adoption a boost, this is a great course for you.

Take a Leading SAFe course to discover how companies can build business agility, and how to make SAFe work inside your organization.
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Understanding SAFe

Leading SAFe is the first step on the Scaled Agile implementation roadmap - for good reason!
The first half of the course is a detailed exploration of the foundational elements of Business Agility on which SAFe is built, with many hands-on exercises.
The second half dives into Team Agility and Agile Product Delivery, including an experiential simulation of a Program Increment Planning event.
The course completes with an overview of SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (which is a whole two-day course on its own) and a review of the key steps for leading the change.

Learning Objectives - Leading SAFe 6.0

#1 Thriving in the Digital Age with Business Agility

  • Describe what is necessary to thrive in the digital age
  • Recognize SAFe as an operating system for Business Agility
  • Summarize the seven core competencies of Business Agility

#2 Becoming a Lean-Agile Leader

  • Embrace the Lean-Agile Mindset
  • Apply the Ten SAFe Lean-Agile Principles:

  1. Take an economic view
  2. Apply systems thinking
  3. Assume variability; preserve options
  4. Build incrementally with fast, integrated learning cycles
  5. Base milestones on objective evaluation of working systems
  6. Visualize and limit WIP, reduce batch sizes, and manage queue lengths
  7. Apply cadence, synchronize with cross-domain planning
  8. Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers
  9. Decentralize decision-making
  10. Organize around value

#3 Establishing Team and Technical Agility

  • Prepare to form cross-functional Agile Teams
  • Describe Built-in Quality practices
  • Recommend organizing around value with Agile Release Trains (ARTs)

#4 Building Solutions with Agile Product Delivery

  • Express the benefits of a Customer-centric culture
  • Practice applying Design Thinking
  • Prioritize the Program Backlog with weighted shortest job first (WSJF)
  • Participate in a PI Planning event
  • Explain the need to Develop on Cadence; Release on Demand
  • Justify the need to build and maintain a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with DevOps

#5 Exploring Lean Portfolio Management

  • Describe the purpose and elements of a SAFe portfolio
  • Construct well-written strategic themes
  • Employ the portfolio canvas to describe the current and future state
  • Create Epic hypothesis statements to inform the Vision
  • Distinguish traditional and Lean budgeting approaches
  • Construct a Portfolio Kanban

#6 Leading the Change

  • Explain the behaviors necessary to lead by example
  • Discuss techniques for leading successful change
  • Recognize the steps in the SAFe Implementation Roadmap

#7 Practicing SAFe

  • Review SAFe Community, resources and tools

Is Leading SAFe the Right Course For Me?

This course is designed to show you how SAFe helps you improve quality, productivity, employee engagement, and time-to-market. You’ll come away with an understanding of how to align your entire organization around the same clear objectives, and how to improve the flow of value, from strategy to delivery. You’ll learn what makes companies more customer-centric and how to run key SAFe alignment and planning events, like PI planning. 

Leading SAFe answers the questions:
What is SAFe?
What is business agility and how does SAFe support it?
How does an organization get started Scaled Agile Framework®?
Attendees learn:
How to realize the benefits of SAFe, including:
  • Boosting productivity.
  • Improving product quality.
  • Decreasing time to market.
  • Increasing employee engagement.
How to establish Team and Technical Agility and organize around the flow of value.
How to align massive organizations around clear, common objectives.
How to participate successfully in critical SAFe events, such as PI Planning.
How to adopt a customer-centric mindset.

Course Chapters:
  1. Thriving in the Digital Age with Business Agility
  2. Becoming a Lean-Agile Leader
  3. Establishing Team and Technical Agility
  4. Building Solutions with Agile Product Delivery
  5. Exploring Lean Portfolio Management
  6. Leading the Change
  7. Practicing SAFe (SAFe Community, resources and tools overview)
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Scaled Agile Certified Training

  • SA Credential

    What’s included:
    • Course materials
    • Remote learning
    • Access to SAFe® Studio, a visual online workspace
    • One-year membership to the SAFe® Studio Platform
    • SAFe Agilist certification exam
  • Pre-Requisites

    All experience levels are welcome! No previous SAFe training or experience is required.

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