Personality and Behaving Transactionally (PBT)
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Leverage individual differences, optimize performance and accelerate results using our personality-focused, transactional framework.
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Michael Thomas
Instructor, MBA 3.0

Course Structure

  • Orientation
  • Module 1 - We Offer A Mirror
  • Module 2 - We Always Transact
  • Module 3 - Series of Exchanges
  • Module 4 - Conditions of Life
  • Module 5 - Personality
  • Module 6 - Characteristics and Behaviors
  • Module 7 - Behaving Transactionally
  • Module 8 - Your Value Your Cost
  • Module 9 - Teams
  • Module 10 - Practice Exercises
  • Quiz: Personality and Behaving Transactionally
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Michael Thomas

As a Transformation Leader, Michael leads initiatives to drive organizational change across many teams, as well as coaching leaders.

He received a Bachelors in Decision and Information Science from the University of Florida in 2007, and Certificate in Customer Experience Design from Seton Hall University in 2023.

Course Structure

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