Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

Learn to implement the Lean Portfolio Management functions.

Align strategy with execution, collaborate across silos, empower teams, and organize around value to adapt to what customers want, faster.
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LPM Functions

The Lean Portfolio Management course covers the three LPM functions in detail:

Strategy & Investment Funding ensures the entire portfolio is aligned and funded to create and maintain the solutions needed to meet business targets.

Agile Portfolio Operations coordinates and supports decentralized program execution and fosters operational excellence.

Lean Governance is the oversight and decision-making of spending, audit and compliance, forecasting expenses, and measurement.
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Learning Objectives - Lean Portfolio Management 6.0

#1 Introducing Lean Portfolio Management

  • Explain the need for Lean Portfolio Management
  • Describe the Lean-Agile Mindset and SAFe Principles
  • Recognize the problem of project cost accounting
  • Describe the key benefits of organizing around value
  • Define a SAFe portfolio structure

#2 Establishing Portfolio Strategy and Vision

  • Construct well-written Strategic Themes
  • Explore a current and a future state of a portfolio
  • Describe the portfolio Roadmap

#3 Realizing Portfolio Vision through Epics

  • Define portfolio Epics
  • Explain how to estimate Epic costs
  • Describe the benefits of the SAFe Lean Startup Cycle

#4 Establishing Investment Funding

  • Describe the need for the four Lean Budget Guardrails
  • Explain the purpose of the LPM events
  • Explore how to establish Value Stream budgets

#5 Managing Portfolio Flow

  • Explain the value of portfolio flow
  • Define the steps in a Portfolio Kanban
  • Explain how to sequence Epics with weighted shortest job first (WSJF)

#6 Applying Agile Portfolio Operations

  • Describe Value Stream coordination
  • Describe the role of the LACE in supporting program execution
  • Discuss the value of the APMO
  • Explain how to use Measure and Grow to improve program execution

#7 Applying Lean Governance

  • Discuss strategies for measuring Lean portfolio performance
  • Explain how to achieve continuous compliance
  • Relate Technology Business Management to SAFe
  • Explore Agile software development capitalization
  • Prepare for the LPM Getting Started Workshop

#8 Practicing SAFe

  • Review SAFe Community, resources and tools

Is Lean Portfolio Managment the Right Course For Me?

The Lean Portfolio Management course helps executives, project management officers (PMOs) and other key stakeholders plan dynamically and be flexible enough to adjust initiatives and budgets as the market changes. The LPM course provides the guidance and tools attendees need to work effectively in remote environments with distributed teams. You’ll learn how to connect portfolio strategy and initiatives to the planning and execution of work, how to integrate feedback from participatory budgeting, and how to adapt to change while maintaining your funding vision and roadmap.

Lean Portfolio Management answers the questions:
How do I connect strategy to execution?
How do I manage flow and solve perpetual overload?
How can I fund and govern dynamically?
How does Lean Portfolio Management fit into SAFe?

Attendees learn:
How to connect the portfolio to the enterprise.
How to maintain portfolio vision and roadmap.
How to establish Lean budgets and guardrails.
How to create portfolio flow.

Course Chapters:
  1. Introducing Lean Portfolio Management
  2. Establishing Portfolio Strategy and Vision
  3. Realizing Portfolio Vision Through Epics
  4. Establishing Investment Funding
  5. Managing Portfolio Flow
  6. Applying Agile Portfolio Operations
  7. Applying Lean Governance
  8. Practicing SAFe
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Scaled Agile Certified Training

  • LPM Credential

    What’s included:
    • Course materials
    • Remote learning
    • Access to SAFe® Studio, a visual online workspace
    • One-year membership to the SAFe® Community Platform
    • Lean Portfolio Manager certification exam
    • Access to the optional Getting Started with LPM Workshop
  • Pre-Requisites

    All experience levels are welcome! No previous SAFe training or experience is required.

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