Personality and Behaving Transactionally™ 

Leverage differences, optimize performance, and accelerate results using our personality-focused, transactional framework.
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Key Concept

We all know extroverted people and others who are introverted. We are aware of people who are creative by nature and others who are more analytical. We know people who demonstrate highly varied behavioral characteristics depending on the social environment. So how do these varied "types" apply to a transactional approach? How can we describe our behavior as observed in transaction?

Through most of human history it has been posited that human beings generally fall into one of four basic personality or behavioral types or temperaments. The earliest record of this was written in 400BC by Hippocrates, who noted that the four basic temperaments of human behavior were idea-oriented, theory-oriented, action-oriented, and fact-oriented.

Below are the terms we use in Transactional Competence™ to identify the four personality groupings.
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Vision & The Future.
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Mood & Influence.
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Alliances & Requests.
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Authority & Evidence
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Course Structure

  • Orientation
  • Module 1 - We Offer A Mirror
  • Module 2 - We Always Transact
  • Module 3 - Series of Exchanges
  • Module 4 - Conditions of Life
  • Module 5 - Personality
  • Module 6 - Characteristics and Behaviors
  • Module 7 - Behaving Transactionally
  • Module 8 - Your Value Your Cost
  • Module 9 - Teams
  • Module 10 - Practice Exercises
  • Quiz: Personality and Behaving Transactionally

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Transactional Competence™ as a framework to guide individuals, teams, and enterprises toward efficient cooperation and collaboration.
  • Experience the benefits of seeing the all-pervasive nature of transactions.
  • Draw a transaction and understand our role in them.
  • Understand that we each engage in transactions from our personality worldview.
  • Identify and utilize our personality differences to enhance team effectiveness and speed up results.
  • Teach individuals to let other leaders emerge, enhancing team cohesion and efficiency.
  • Manage the focused value and hidden cost of our personalities in transactions.
  • Practice the direct application of our personality in transactions.
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Is Personality and Behaving Transactionally™ the Right Course For Me?

Personality and Behaving Transactionally™ will transform how you think about all exchanges and your role in their success. This comprehensive course improves team performance and productivity by utilizing individual differences and enhancing collaboration. One of the key competencies of the course is the ability to identify and utilize transactional personality differences to speed up results and enhance team effectiveness. By understanding team members' transactional strengths and hidden liabilities, you can optimize their contributions and develop a cohesive and productive team.

Personality and Behaving Transactionally™ can help individuals and teams by teaching them to let go and allow untapped leadership to emerge. This approach enhances team cohesion and efficiency by enabling team members to work together more effectively. The course focuses on building scalable frameworks for collaboration, accelerating initiatives, and reducing the time to complete actions, projects, and product launches.

Knowing about Transactional Personalities can help us better recognize, organize, and interact with people efficiently and effectively. Recognizing personality traits, both our own and those of others, gives us an advantage when organizing groups and teams to achieve our most important life goals. It is simply more satisfying and enjoyable to work in a way that suits our personality, especially when we seek to collaborate with others.

Transactional Competence is vital to learning how to transact with others powerfully and avoiding naive behavior. In situations where the outcome is critical to reaching our aims, we cannot afford to be indifferent or naive. We must always check ourselves against our personality, aims, and ethics to transact with our loftiest goals in mind.

Influential U Certified Training

  • Personality and Behaving Transactionally™ Certification

    Upon completion of the two-day course on Personality and Behaving Transactionally™ (PBT), participants will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can be shared, printed, or embedded as a digital badge.

    PBT introduces the principles of Transactional Competence™. This helps individuals and teams get started or to gain appropriate exposure to be effective within a Transactional Competence™ framework. While this credential is not mandatory for other credentials, it is the best starting point for individuals new to Transactional Competence™.

    This course ends with a certification quiz that must be passed (75%) to be certified.

    Once started, the quiz is on a 60-minute timer. You can retake the quiz until you pass.

    Once you pass the exam, you’ll automatically receive a digital certification badge that you can share or download as a PDF certificate.
  • Pre-Requisites

    All experience levels are welcome! No previous Transactional training or experience is required.

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