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Rik helps leaders grow their team's continuous improvement muscles so that they are constantly able to build better software, faster.

Rik's career has focussed on teams that build software within a larger organization based in manufacturing. He has implemented numerous continuous improvement from his early days at Ben & Jerry's teaching Total Quality Management to agile frameworks like Scrum, XP, Kanban and SAFe as well as Lean Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

Today Rik enables better software faster through a three-part system called Test Driven Agility. The parts of the system are standard practices, but like chocolate and peanut butter - they come together to form something greater than the sum of their parts. Test Driven Agility consists of Assessment, Objectives & Key Results and Leader Standard Work (including the Toyota Kata). 

Do you need a deeper understanding of the behaviors endemic to your various teams? Do you want to insure that teams are well aligned with company strategy and objectives? Do you wish your managers could coach their teams into high-performing units that consistently hit it of the park? Do you feel like you've tried using modern, highly regarded mental models but you have been unsatisfied with the results?

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