Bring The Learning  To Your Team

If they work together, they will learn better together. If they learn together, they will work better together!

Wherever they happen to be...

Do more with a private class

A private class can be so much more valuable than simply sending a group to a public class together or buying-out all the seats!

Focus on your aims

Every topic raised helps the group move together in a coordinated manner towards a visible company improvement

Coach the group

We help the group identify how to put their learning into practice rather than try to figure it out on their own afterwards

Keep it confidential

Talk freely about specific internal situations rather than having to ask hypothetical or abstract questions in public

Your level and speed

Cover each topic at the level and speed that is relevant to your team, not other random attendees

Group follow-up sessions 

Follow-up needs, action items and next steps are identified during the session, and we are here to continue to support the group if and when it's needed

Share the group learning

The learning platform, the collaboration board, the simulation - all are available to the group after the class to share and prioritize for action

How does it work?

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