Value Rate Optimization (VRO)
24Q1 Cohort
: Jan. 30 - Apr. 3, 2024
- Online - Instructor-Led
(enroll before 1/9)

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Start Date

Jan. 30, 2024


Apr. 3, 2024

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Cohort - Online

Only 15 spots in a cohort!

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Access and participation granted upon approval, and payment of fees
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Instructor: César Idrovo
Founder, MBA 3.0
About This Program

Value Rate Optimization (VRO)

This cohort program is designed for leaders who want to target business performance and continuous improvement. The primary theme throughout the program is Business Value. Four additional modules add strategic context and incremental business impact. Each module involves at least two weeks of application, each opening with expert-led workshops, and supported throughout by 1:1 coaching and cohort discussions.
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César Idrovo

César helps leaders to Master Business Agility and activate the economic advantage of this approach.

He is the founder of MBA 3.0, an Licensed InfluentialU Consultant, a SAFe Practice Consultant by Scaled Agile Inc., and an Accredited Kanban Trainer by Kanban University.

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